Our storage solutions were conceptualized with special emphasis on material safety and guest satisfaction. Our new high bay storage are equipped with upgraded warehouse management systems, electronic machinery, VNA and other technological enhancements will accommodate unlimited airline and local cargo, enabling a business expansion for our guests, as well as ours.
• High bay storage are built in with a storing capacity of 3,544 pallets
• These stores are linked to the new warehouse management system for locations, stock, issues and inventory and are operated with very narrow aisle machines (VNA) for storing and retrievals of items and pallets.
• In addition to the above we have two additional separate storage dedicated for daily operations: - Bonded bar storage- For storing of alcohol and bar preparation - Dry storage - storing of dry goods and dry goods carts and standard units preparation. - Storage’ chillers: the storage chiller has a huge capacity which is built as a high bay pallet chiller and operated with the VNA machines - Freezers: Two large capacity freezers with two levels (ground and level 1) located next to the chiller - Duty-free storage: very spacious storage available for duty free items storing and packing for onboard sale. - Airline cargo clearing and handling - Dedicated storage personnel for clearing and dispatching of all airline catering cargo